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Norman Finkelstein: There was NO WAR in GAZA, it was a MASSACRE

What happened in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead WAS NOT A WAR BUT A MASSACRE, a massacre of a defenceless, imprisoned and besieged civilian population. The IOF air assault (in the first of 3 weeks) dropped bombs around the clock hitting homes, hospitals, ambulances, UN & Red Cross outposts & compounds, schools, universities & government buildings, with the borders closed & NO WHERE in Gaza to seek refuge, "it was like shooting fish in a barrel". 1400 murdered (358 were children) with kill ratios of 4/5 being civilians + over 5 thousands seriously injured. For every israeli soldier killed 10 (5 were from friendly fire) 100 Palestinians were killed, for every israeli civilian killed (3) 400 Palestinian civilians were murdered. These are not the statistics of war, it was GENOCIDE PURE & SIMPLE. Those calling it a war are wittingly or unwittingly being agents of proper-gander. Visit my channel: For Facts Sake - Free Palestine

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