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Cannabis - Weed - Pot - Marijuana - Kills Cancer cells finds UCLA research and others

Please research Ottoman Warburg and High pH Diet also have a look at Vitamin D3. The American and Canadian Cancer society recommend taking at least(MINIMUM) 1000 IU of Vit. D per day, but research shows that 10 000 IU/Day is proper levels to fight off Cancer. And please stay away from sugars as they lower your pH levels which create a perfect growing environment for tumors and cancer growth. Maple sugar is the only sugar that elevates your pH levels rendering your body an infertile environment for Cancers & tumors. Warburg investigated the metabolism of tumors and the respiration of cells, particularly cancer cells, and in 1931 was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology for his "discovery of the nature and mode of action of the respiratory enzyme."[2] The award came after receiving 46 nominations over a period of nine years beginning in 1923, 13 of which were submitted in 1931, the year he won the prize.[3] In 1944, Warburg was nominated for a second Nobel Prize in Physiology by Albert Szent-Györgyi, for his work on nicotinamide, the mechanism and enzymes involved in fermentation, and the discovery of flavine (in yellow enzymes).[4][5] It is reported by some sources that he was selected to receive the award that year but was prevented from receiving it by Adolf Hitler's regime, which had issued a decree in 1937 that forbade Germans from accepting Nobel Prizes.

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Fukushima Day 308 - USA,Canada & Europe Radiation FALLOUT FORECAST + HAZMAT levels in USA cities

Radiation fallout forecast for Canada, the US, and Europe for the next 48 hours. 13 US cities reporting Hazmat level or higher for the past 3 days. Persistant cesium reports in Slovenia. Mitigation tips. Brought to you by RadChick and the Orion Talk Radio Network. Uploaded by ichicax4 on Jan 12, 2012:

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