A message of support for the Syrian Uprisings
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A message to support the Uprising in Syria from two young children in UK - Background Nasheed [Mishary Alafasy Al Sham-Syria] Please join the protest in London details below: Saturday 18th February 2012 - 2pm Nearest tube: Edgware Road Station Gather at Paddington Green, near A40 flyover. March will proceed down Edgware Road and conclude at the Syrian Embassy STAND by our brothers & sisters in their time of need SUPPORT their stance to remove the tyrant regime using people power, relying on Allah alone, not the colonial powers OPPOSE sectarian divisions that plays into the regime's hands CALL for the sincere people in the armed forces to stand with the Ummah against Assad & the whole regime
Added on Feb 20, 2012 by DeekJackson
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