The Human Overpopulation Crisis
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The Human Overpopulation Crisis Ten of us studied population issues for 15 weeks and read dozens of papers on various subjects. We have concluded that most people are in a state of denial about overpopulation, unwilling or unable to confront reality. Humanity has a fatal disease -- its symptoms include runaway greed, our insane economic system, starvation, peak oil, global warming, selfish corporations and Cheneybush government. Faith in rapture and/or technology will not save us from human nature. If humans are to survive, we must confront reality and find ways to control human instincts, including our greed and our innate urge to procreate. Website:
Added on Feb 21, 2012 by Deek
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  overpopulation  agriculture  climate  change  global  warming  greed  peak  oil  hunger  starvation  technology  pollution 
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