"The Drought" Saving Dadaab KAY (www.kaymusic.com)
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Kay is an up an coming rapper from the Mid-West, he was born in the war-torn country of Somalia and emigrated to the United States in the mid 90's. Kay acquired a love for music as he became exposed to the rap and hip-hop artists of the 90's and those that came with the turn of the century. In middle school he began writing and rapping as a hobby and later to this to new heights as it began to consume his life. Kay's latest track is dedicated to the drought that has gripped his home country of Somalia. In this song Kay portrays the pain that he and the many others who fled the country feel for the fellow Somalis. Although the track is slow and very saddening it also has hope built into it. In the chorus he says "Allah hanacaawiyo" when translated into English means "God help us. Kay "the drought" saving dadaab on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Drought-Saving-Dadaab-Single/dp/B005JUKSU8 Kay "the drought" saving dadaab on Amazon UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Drought-Saving-Dadaab/dp/B005JTUY6C kay "the drought" saving dadaab on Myspace http://jp.myspace.com/kaythafranchize/music/albums/the-drought-saving-dadaab-single-17979166 kay "the drought" saving dadaab on Rhapsody https://secure.rhapsody.com/#/album/Alb.49244298 kay "the drought" saving dadaab on Emusic http://www.emusic.com/listen/#/album/Kay-The-Drought-Saving-Dadaab-Single-MP3-Download/12785295.html Kay "the drought" saving dadaab on Mfiles http://www.mfiles.co.uk/compare-mp3-prices/mp3-compare-price-results.htm?itemID=B005JTUY6C
Added on Feb 21, 2012 by DeekJackson
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